Summer Text. Calligraphy Illustration.
Red Censored Word Stamp
Chained Book on Wooden Background

Step 1: Analyze the infographics on banned and challenged books.

Step 2: Pick a book to read! Some suggestions follow (you can click on each book for more information) but you are not limited to these. Please consult your school or local library for additional banned or challenged books*.

Step 3: Read your book and figure out why the book may have been banned or challenged.

Step 4: Be part of the Banned Books Week Symposium** in the MHS Library in October during

Banned Books Week and earn extra credit.

*The Malverne UFSD relies on approval from a parent or guardian to read any suggested titles.

***symposium: sym·po·si·um/simˈpōzēəm/noun a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

Book Banned and Burning
Banned Stamp Illustration
Burning book engulfed in brilliant  flames-  black background.
Open Burning Diary on Black Background. Notebook with Flame Cove

For more information, visit the

American Library Association's

Office of Intellectual Freedom